Sunday, 25 September 2011

“Oh Jan, I have a wee job for you!”

“And again please Dear!”
Another lazy start to the day leaving the Prees Junction around 10:30.  I’m starting to get used to these casual days! Smile
We made our way down to Whitchurch mooring just beyond the lift bridge on the 48 hour moorings and then walked into town.  It was Jan’s first time into Whitchurch so we spent some time exploring.  There is a Tesco but it’s probably too far from the canal to make it worth shopping there for anything other than essentials.
The church in Whitchurch
High Street
Jan was quite disappointed with Whitchurch.  She felt it had no “atmosphere”.  I just thought it was a shame they had filled in the top end of the Arm.  There appeared to be plenty of available space to build a basin and attract more tourists to the town.
There was no internet cover on the mooring so we moved further on to the moorings above the Grindley Brook locks where we were able to successfully connect to 3 Mobile using the Samsung Galaxy mobile.  Having mentioned the mobile I’ve just read it has an external antenna socket under the back cover.  Apparently Samsung technicians use it to test the phone, however it’s a working external antenna socket so I’m now thinking of purchasing a “pigtail” cable to connect the phone to our external high gain aerial which will be mounted on the roof of Waiouru.  If I fit a “splitter box” it should be possible to connect both the usb dongle and the Samsung mobile to the aerial.
Meanwhile Jan has been looking at both the “tired banana” and the remains in the bottom of the peanut butter jar.  Today she baked banana and peanut butter muffins in the new cupcake trays she purchased at Tesco Ellesmere.  They taste more of banana than peanut butter, however there is a slight ‘crunch’ from the odd piece of nut.  The empty jar is now being prepared for some “foraged jam”. Smile
Late in the day we passed nb Bendigedig and Elsie popped her head out the side hatch to say hello!  So again we have passed without having the opportunity for an in depth conversation about living afloat.

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