Friday, 2 September 2011


The layout of Waiouru was was mostly done through intuition and logic.  Living on Kelly-Louise (KL) will be a good opportunity to validate some of those decisions.

It is interesting to compare the layout and compartment size of both boats.  KL is conventional, with the saloon at the front followed by the galley, bathroom, bedroom and wet locker area.  Waiouru is a reverse layout.   Both boats are almost the same length however the lengths of the individual compartments differ.  KL has a corridor down the port side whereas Waiouru has it down the middle. 

Peter informs me the backwater tank on KL is located on the starboard side and as it fills she will start to list.  He can judge when the tank is getting full because the thermometer on the bulkhead in the galley will tilt as the tanks fills.  When it’s vertical the tank is empty and when it touches the wall of the cabinet he knows it’s at maximum capacity.  A successful and low-tech method.  Little can go wrong with his tank gaugeSmile

Waiouru’s will be under the entire back cabin floor and therefore shouldn’t create a list.  We will have to rely upon some more sophisticated technology to ensure we manage our waste.

The saloon on KL is 2ft shorter than Waiouru and the galley is 1ft longer. However they are similar with no partition between them making a largish open area. The bathroom on KL is 2ft longer but is “off the corridor” whilst Waiouru will have a “through” bathroom with an enclosed toilet cubicle.  The bedroom in Waiouru is 18ins shorter at 9ft.  KL has a 4ft wet locker whereas Waiouru’s will be 6ft3ins and double as a second bedroom.

The compartments are close enough in size to give us an idea of what we can expect when Waiouru is completed. 

At the moment our major concern is storage space.  However we need to remind ourselves we have many of our possessions on KL plus most of the boat chattels belongs to Peter & Margaret.  There is some duplication.

I’m sure everything will fit.


Graham said...

Very pleasing to see that you are having a bit of good luck, you certainly deserve it. I'm sure that you will learn a great deal from being on an established boat for a while.

I read your comments and musings with great interest, as I'm sure that they will be of great value when I'm finally able to specify my own boat.

I see that the Harp website has been taken down.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Graham

We are very grateful to Peter & Margaret for allowing us to live on KL whilst Waiouru is rebuilt. It's actually a steep learning curve as we grapple and solve unforseen situations.