Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hanging out the washing on the Siegfried Line

Jan was requesting a washing line when I remembered a photo Sue of nb No Problem had placed on her blog.  I’m not one for reinventing the wheel and will happily adopt a good idea.  So the problem was quickly solved by me using the cordage we had purchased to secure our boxes in the back of the rental van and the boat hook from Kelly Louise.
I’ve wrapped some “wadding” around the bottom end of the pole to protect the gunwale paint.  Everything was working well until a powerful gust of wind flipped the line back across the boat.  To prevent this re-occurring I’ve hooked a “bungy” between the top of the pole and the upper rail on the fence.
Then it was back to more foraging.  This time it was rather easy as the greengage plums on the end of the mooring are ripe.  After falling out of the tree I’ve realised I am no longer; light, supple and aged 10.  Where have the years gone? Smile
Anyway, there are plenty of plums so I don’t have to pick them all at once.  The Damson plums made a tasty pudding but they were somewhat sour.  Jan said – bitter!  However as I’ve only eaten an eighth of the pudding I must soldier on and keep testing.

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Peter and Margaret said...

A message from the food technology oracle who is standing right behind me! Margaret says fruits from the damson family are notoriously sour, which is why they are often made into jams, which consist of 60% sugar, rather than pies. I learn something new every day! That boat hook is becoming a well used multi-tool.