Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Great Day

Well we certainly can’t complain about the weather today.  It’s pleasantly warm and sunny!

The front and rear doors are open on Kelly-Louise and I’ve rolled up one side of the cratch cover.  The breeze is now passing through the full length of the boat.

Jan has been playing ‘galley slave’ and baked apple and custard muffins.  I have the odious job of chief tester!  Smile with tongue out

I’ve already completed the testing of the peanut butter muffins and they have now all (unfortunately) been consumed.

Readers should not get the impression I don’t do my share!  I’ve peeled the apples; which have gone into the apple sponge pudding currently baking in the gas oven.  Waiting to go into the oven next is the roast pork we are having for dinner.

Whilst all of that is happening I will walk in to Nantwich and purchase more essential supplies.  On top of the list is the ice cream to go with the apple sponge. Smile

Later in the evening a boat a butty went past when it was almost dark.  I continue to be impressed with the Canon camera and the lens.  I’m a very poor photographer yet the camera more than makes up for it.  The following photo’s will give you some idea of the quality produced by the camera.  Remember the photo’s were taken when it was almost dark.

You wouldn’t think they were taken in the dark with no flash!


Paul said...

I would suggest that you get a filter which will darken the sky a bit but retain the light on the lower part of the shot, any photographic store will supply them and this should give you a lovely blue sky. I use a Canon D90 and the filters really add to the lovely colour.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Paul,
I have a Canon 550D and when I purchased it in Hong Kong I had them fit what I thought was a filter over the lens. Mostly to protect the lens! However I now suspect it may be just a clear glass cover.