Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Gas Locker in the Bow

For the last couple of days Jan has been telling me the gas oven isn’t as hot as it used to be hence the bread is taking longer to bake.   Of course I didn’t believe her as the gas was still lighting.  Well today she proved me wrong when the gas ring would on just produce a very low flame.  So on a windy and wet morning I had to change over the gas line between the two 13kg bottles in the bow gas locker.

I’d already subconsciously recognised the gas bottle changeover would be somewhat difficult.  It was made even more so by the conditions.  Opening the lid on the gas locker and perching oneself above the locker isn’t the easiest task.  Then I had to squat and reach down into the locker to change bottles.

I can see why the gas locker is located in the bow.  It’s a very safe location for such a flammable product.  However it’s not the easiest of places to remove or stow a 13kg bottle.  Moreover I noticed there was a significant amount of wasted space.  One assumes this is because nothing else is allowed to be stowed in the locker.

At our boat builders suggestion we have located Waiouru’s gas bottles in the the semi-trad area and have had a special gas locker constructed on the starboard side.  Also, at his suggestion, we have opted for 6kg bottles.  We’re getting older and believe this will make them easier to manage.  They are a little more expensive to refill but I feel it’s a safer decision.  I’ve calculated we will be carrying enough gas to last 45 days.

Yesterday we woke to a very still morning with the surface of the canal like glass.

Later in the day – not quite like glass but almost

This morning we woke the the wind which was creating waves on the surface of the canal.  Jan checked our insurance policy for  and we are covered for water skiing Smile


Kelly-Louise is getting buffeted by the wind and rocking around.  Wheeeee this is fun!


nb piston broke said...

Hi Tom, are you sure about the availability of 6kg gas bottles? We do not recall ever seeing 6kg at any of the suppliers we use only the odd 6kg Butane, and further more we dont know any body who use 6kg. Paul

Tom and Jan said...

I guess time will tell. The boat builder didn't say there would be a refill issue. Yesterday when we pumped out the marine had 6kg bottles in their cage so I'm taking this as a positive sign!

nb.bobcat said...

I have 6kg bottles.

Got my last refill on Middlewich Branch.

I think they are getting more common.


nb piston broke said...

I stand to be corrected Paul

Tom and Jan said...

Don't be too quick Paul. I may choke on a large slice of humble pie