Sunday, 25 September 2011

Damned Keyboard

The laptop didn’t pose any problems whilst living in Australia, however I became somewhat frustrated with the keyboard layout when we arrived in the UK.  I’d failed to realise there was a difference in the keyboard layouts between Australia and the UK. 

The major issue has been the lack of the pound (£) symbol with the keyboard having the dollar ($) key. I’ve finally overcome the problem by identifying it’s possible to create the £ symbol by holding down the right Alt key and then pressing in sequence the 0163 keys on the numeric keypad.

The other think I’ve managed to work out is how to create the photo-frame border around the blog photo’s and make them all the same size.  You might also have noticed I recently started adding the boat name in text to the bottom left of each photo.  I thought I’d be clever and include the copyright symbol (©) to the text.  However those of you with an eye for detail will have noticed the symbol was appearing as the @ symbol.  I’ve finally worked out how to fix that error.  The symbol can be create in Windows by holding down the right Alt key and concurrently pressing in sequence the 0169 keys on the numeric keypad.

The following is a list of all those symbols for which I’ve be able to identify keystrokes

  • Alt + 0176 = ° (Degrees)
  • Alt + 0162 = ¢
  • Alt + 0188 = ¼
  • Alt + 0189 = ½
  • Alt + 0190 = ¾
  • Alt + 0178 = ¹
  • Alt + 0178 = ²
  • Alt + 0179 = ³
  • Alt + 0163 = £
  • Alt + 0169 = ©
  • Alt + 0174 = ®
  • Alt + 0165 = 
  • Alt + 0177 = ±
  • Alt + 0247 = ÷
  • Alt + 0166 = ¦
  • Alt + 0149 = •
  • Alt + 0134 = †
  • Alt + 0227 = ć
  • Alt + 0151 = — (m dash)
  • Alt + 0150 = – (n dash)

I’ve now worked out how to add the name and copyright text to a recorded macro in the photo management program and with one click I can resize the photo, add the border followed by the text.

One important fact that has been confirmed to us as a result of our recent cruise is the need for a small freezer on board Waiouru.  It’s rather a relief to confirm this as we had already purchased a 32 litre Engel Fridge/Freezer prior to arriving in the UK.  Even more fortuitously is the fact that the Harp’s declined to take delivery of it from the supplier.  Otherwise it would be yet another expensive piece of stolen equipment!


David said...

Think yourself lucky - in my case it's damned fingers.

Jenny and Robin said...

Just a wee note from NZ. We follow your blog and we were horrified with the Harp's theft. However to help with blog posts we use "Livewriter" which is a free download from Microsoft and find the arrangement of pictures, copyright etc very convenient with this product. It uploads direct to blogger. The other benefit is that you do not have to been on the internet to write your posts which makes it much cheaper. Hope this helps.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi David, Yes... I also have a finger problem. Particularly when I use the Ausus EEE netbook as the keyboard layout is slightly different.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Jenny & Robin, wow.... some kiwi readers, great to hear from you. Yes, I also use Windows Live Writer to draft all the blog posts in advance. But it hasn't solved MY finger and keyboard problem :-)