Sunday, 4 September 2011

Back to Bare Metal

Had a fruitful conversation with our new boat builder about what will need to be done to rebuild Waiouru after all the damage she has suffered.  Andy has recommended we have the shell grit blasted back to bare metal and we start the fit-out again.  We also want the original foredeck reinstated.  This will mean the only original part of Waiouru will be our Tim Tyler shell.  The remedial work required to get the shell back to its original condition and remove all the paint is likely to cost around £2400.

Andy is now preparing a quotation for the above work and the new fit-out. 

Meantime, I have submitted a claim to our insurance company for the theft of our equipment; along with the attempted theft and subsequent damage to Waiouru.  I have given a statement to the insurance company investigator and have also suggested to the insurance company they should get a loss adjustor to inspect Waiouru in the very near future as the shell will suffer further deterioration unless we commence remedial work.  But I don’t want to start on the re-build before the insurance company has given their approval.  Unfortunately the situation is currently out of our control.

We are adjusting to life on KL.  As anticipated; we are constant monitoring things like the level of water in the tank, fuel, and how full is that toilet tank?  The potable water in the tank lasted three days.  As time passes we will no doubt develop a subconscious time-clock for monitoring the blackwater and diesel tanks.  

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