Tuesday, 13 September 2011


But first.  Kelly-Louise no longer lists to starboard.  The light on the Tecma started to intermittently flash red last night and was solid red by this morning.  So we cruised to Swanley Marina and did our first pump-out after being shown the process by the helpful marina staff.  I even winded KL twice……. But that’s another story!

The nearest pub is “The Star” at Acton.  It’s on the way to Nantwich and I must admit I’ve been tempted to stop my walk on a couple of occasions. 

The other interesting building is the local church.  On a previous walk I passed it on Sunday morning to the sound of the bells peeling.

However I decided not to dwell when I noticed the ages of some of the occupants in the churchyard.  They were younger than me!

Walking towards Burland brought me to this building. 

Somehow the small windmill on top of the tower doesn’t seem correct.  I wonder if it has replaced an earlier larger windmill with sails.  The buildings look like they have been substantially modified into a large private dwelling.


Peter and Margaret said...

Well done, I knew you would be able to complete this operation without a problem! Although I bet you had fun winding in this wind, and against the current flow the Llangollen has. Its all about taking things very slowly with patience. I presume you also replaced the gas while you were at Swanley, without taking a swim! As for the windmill - you are correct, it is of the design which would have originally had sails in the traditional manner. It has long been converted and used for residential use, and was recently on the market for a long term let.

Tom and Jan said...

I burned a considerable amount of nervous energy this morning! Yes, also replaced the gas cylinder. I'm now very pleased the gas bottles on Waiouru will be 6kg and located in the cockpit :-)