Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Terraced Houses

Rows of terraced houses are not usually seen in Australia.  Two up – two down.  The house we have been living in whilst in Plymouth is actually three stories with two rooms on each floor.  The lower floor is partially below ground level.
Terraced houses in Plymouth
I can understand why the houses in the UK are small and terraced.  Land is at a premium!  However our eldest son used to live in a very old terraced two up - two down house in the Sydney CBD.  You would think that with all the available land in Australia there wouldn’t be any need for this style of house.  My conclusion is the terraced houses were built in Sydney simply because that’s all the immigrant builders knew to construct.  It was only later they started designing and constructing houses for the Australian climate.
Meantime we have moved.  I booked a small van from Enterprise and then had doubts on the morning I collected it.  Would all our possessions fit?
It was the largest of their small vans.  I drove it back to the house and carefully inspected all our boxes before mentally packing the van.  I hadn’t appreciated just how much we had purchased since arriving in the UK with two suitcases.  We carefully packed the van using all the available nooks and crannies and managed to get everything in.  I was almost surprised….. and definitely relieved!Smile
We are now afloat and settling into our new temporary home.  But more on that later.

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