Friday, 5 August 2011

Doing the Figures

Got the final legal account today (we hope!)

So what has all this cost us:

Boat Stage Payments  £81,000

Legal & associated expenses  £25,000

Boat Recovery Expenses £2500

Total  £108,500

Estimated value of Waiouru before stripping and damage £50,000

Estimated value on recovery £25,000

Loss of £83,500

If Ben Harp had been honest enough to admit he was in financial trouble and couldn’t finish Waiouru; and told us to take her; then he would probably still have a reputation and be in business.  Our our loss would have been £31,000 rather than £83,500.   I guess this is what is called a “lose – lose result”!

We received a further piece of bad news today.  At the end of the month we were going to move to very low cost accommodation (utility expenses only).  We have now been advised it isn’t available.

If anyone has; or knows of someone; who has a boat or caravan they would be prepared to allow us to “house-sit” for 4 months during winter (ie, between 1 September and 31 December) could they please contact us.  All ideas/options will be considered!


Carol said...

Hi - we had a similar experience with Rock n Roll - but without the need for legal recourse thank goodness! Glad that you're continuing with the build albeit more slowly and hope that you will be cruising the canals and rivers of the UK in the not too distant future.
Best Wishes.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Carol,
We'll get there as quickly as we can!

Bruce in Sanity said...

Tom: I've tweeted a link to this post, so that's another 90 people know of your problem, and I've added a bit to my own post today about it.

Best of luck, I'll keep my ears open, obviously.


Anonymous said...

Leaves you seriously out of pocket - how awful. I assume you have satisfied yourselves that the Harps have no personal assets you could pursue?

Tom and Jan said...

Who knows what the future may hold with respect to the Harp's

aticatac said...

Glad to see your story has made it to the popular press (Canal Boat). The more people who get to hear about the scum of the earth the better.

Best regards and good luck

Ian and Janet Smith

Tom and Jan said...

Well hopefully they will no longer be involved in the canal community.

Ally said...

perhaps you could start a thread on CWDF forum to ask if anyone has a boat or the like available? I'm sure someone could help out there!