Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ben Harp – To Hell and Back Again – Chapter 8

Was this Attempted Arson?

When recovering the boat we noticed these two paint cans on the roof.

You may note both show signs of soot blackening as if they have had a fire in them.

The other can in the first photo was standing upright with what appeared to be residual burned paint in the bottom and on the sides of the interior.  At the time it was suggested to me they may have been lit as a slow burning fuse to set fire to the spilt wet paint.  I doubt the fire would have destroyed the boat but the heat from the burning paint may well have distorted the steelwork.  Anyway; if that was the plan – it didn’t work!

Did readers notice the four angle mounting brackets on the roof of the boat in the first photo above?  They are the mounting brackets for our Camos automatic satellite dome.  The £1600 dome which is part of the £8000 worth of equipment we purchased and supplied to Ben Harp to be fitted to the boat.  Our equipment that has been stolen.

You would have thought Ben Harp would have been intelligent enough to remove these mountings as part of his strategy to conceal the identity of the boat from us!

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Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog.
My goodness, what a terrible state of affairs. How someone could be so childish and dishonorable is beyond comprehension. The fact he ignored court orders says a lot about the type of character he is. It just goes to show that past recommendations and past work is something that cannot be trusted and reinforces the need to treat all such dealings with great caution. From my reading it seems that his wife seems as bad as he is, hopefully this will be the end of his time as a con artist and common crook/thief, it is important that his name be vilified and made known to as wide a boating fraternity as possible to prevent future trouble with this person. From experience this type of parasite and vermin shows up in another walk of life and starts again, conning other people and going about his twisted and crooked dealings.
You both have my sympathy and please get on with the refit and get the boat on the water soon, the past was yesterday, the future is tomorrow... good luck with it.