Saturday, 16 July 2011

Well now we know

This evening I walked to the local church.  Actually there are two in close proximity.  This time I was able to establish the building with the tall spire is the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary and Saint Boniface and is the seat of the Bishop of Plymouth.  Work started on the cathedral in 1856 and opened three years later. 

Some of the stonework looks interesting.  I thought the spire might be clad in copper sheeting however it doesn’t appear to have faded to a pale green which makes me think it might be a different material.

The front door

Across the road from the cathedral is an octagonal shaped building

I’ve been able to establish it is “The Water Tower”, and is now a converted private residence in what was the water tower of the former Royal Naval Hospital.  It is Grade II listed.


Anonymous said...

I think it was that water tower that was on a TV prog " Homes under the hammer" about doing up houses. If I recall correctly a Father and Son did the work and after many years it was completed to a very high standard.

Tom and Jan said...

Well the sale brochure certainly confirms your comments regarding the quality of the refurbishment.

Interesting property.