Wednesday, 6 July 2011


There is an interesting school building around the corner.  Actually it’s the third school building I have seen with these same features.  My assumption it is a late Victorian or Edwardian concept.

The name was emblazed across the front, but this wasn’t the feature which had caught my eye.

It was these features

Boys entrance on one side of the building and girls on the other.  I can’t recall anything similar from my own education.  Our schools were mostly single sex with the occasional “new” co-educational high school!  Never the same school with different entrances.

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Peter and Margaret said...

Hi Tom, many schools here are located in Victorian and Edwardian buildings. That is a current bone of contention, in that there is / has been insufficient funding to provide modern amenities. But, many of them still have marked separate entrances for boys and girls, if you look around now you have noticed. This rule was strictly enforced in those days.