Sunday, 10 July 2011

River Plym

Plymouth has the River Tamar to the west and the River Plym to the east.  Today walked to the Plym just to see what it was like.  Actually there as a little more to the plan.  Google Earth showed a Morrisons superstore on the other side of the River Plym and I decided to investigate just how big a range of products it carried.

I completed the route in an anti-clockwise direction with a slight detour in the north shown in red.

There is a pedestrian and bicycle way in the area of Cattledown where I stopped to take photos of the harbour.

This photo shows the eastern side of the Royal Citadel

And this next photo gives another view of Drake Island

This last photo shows what I believe are more harbour fortifications that would form part of the original interlocking harbour defence system.

After looking around the Morrisons superstore I crossed back over the River Plym to discover, by chance, a possible link to the canals.

So the tramway carried clay.  Presumably it was conveyed by sea around the coast and then inland to the potteries via the canals.

There isn’t much to see of the old alignment.  The stone arch below is part of the conventional rail network with the old Tramway alignment to the right.

In the following photo the Tramway is the overgrown area to the right of the current track.

In the north-eastern corner of my planned route was a former fort; or so Google Earth indicated!   All I found was this…..!  It looks like the area may have been sold and converted for commercial purposes.

The length of the walk was just on 15km.  Probably slightly too short for a good workout.

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