Tuesday, 19 July 2011

More of London

I managed to get a reasonable walk along the Embankment and was hoping to see a narrowboat on the Thames.  Unfortunately no such luck.

I hadn’t realised the Thames Embankment actually consists of the Victoria and Chelsea Embankments .  However I did know the current Embankment was constructed by Joseph Bazalgette in 1862 as I had previously watched a TV documentary on the construction of the London sewage system.  The main feeder pipe was laid under the embankment and surplus spoil from tunnelling used to backfill the area to create the Embankment.

At one end of my walk was this complex of buildings

Whilst at the other end of the walk this bridge could be seen in the middle distance

For some reason this building caught my eye.  It seemed familiar and I think it’s the building in one of the James Bond films where he bursts out of the building in a prototype speed boat chasing a female “baddie” along the Thames.

But then I might be in error.  It looks too big to be the HQ of MI6.


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Tom
Think you'll find it is Charing Cross Station. My daughter used to work in the building.

Tom and Jan said...

That would make sense. There were trains running into it which made me think it was unlikely to be MI6 HQ :-)

Adam said...

MI6 is on the south side of the river, next to Vauxhall Bridge.

Tom and Jan said...

Now why doesn't it surprise me that you know where the Headquarters of MI6 can be found!

David Morris said...

If you want a bit of fun, try and work out the connection between the Houses of Parliament and the canal network, particularly in the North of England...