Friday, 15 July 2011


I find the variations in the way people tackle a problem to be quite interesting.  This particular problem was the channelling of road water.

Some country have a very high kerbing made of concrete slabs which are painted alternate colours.  You mostly find these in the third world.  A location with little rainfall such as Perth, Western Australia has a very low kerb made from continuously poured concrete. Where the annual rainfall is higher the kerb will usually be of continuously poured concrete but higher to prevent the pavement from flooding.

However many of the suburban streets in our current neighbourhood have kerbing slabs and cobblestones

I wondered whether all of this was genuine stone or actually concrete made to look like stone.  After examining adjacent slabs they didn’t appear to have the same pattern.  But there may be a varieties of moulds.  My guess is this is all concrete.  But it looks interesting, and manufacturing the gutters and kerbing in stones and slabs does make it easier to lift and re-laid.

Yes; a rather boring post and what a sad life I live if road kerbing interests me! Smile

Tomorrow I’m off to London so life should get slightly more interesting.

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Tyson said...

The larger pieces look like granite and then the smaller pieces are sets (or cobble stones). All hewen by hand when quarrymen were men