Saturday, 23 July 2011

Getting Around

This seemed like an excellent idea.  A bicycle station!  Pay your money and remove the bike from the rack just like a supermarket trolley.  After using it you can return it to any of the bike stations in the city.  These appear to be either sponsored or carrying Barclay’s Bank advertising.

A couple of people rode one past me whilst I was walking around.  I’ve also noticed the area around our accommodation is well catered for cyclists with designated cycle paths and grade separation at busy intersections.  So someone has really thought through the transport planning.


Peter and Margaret said...

Hi Tom, Re: "Someone has really thought through the transport planning". A bit of a bone of contention that one! What really happened was the EU in its infinite money wasting wisdom granted UK local authorities lots of cash by way of grants for road improvements, only if said roads were marked up in a way that included cycle lanes. That is all well and good, and very commendable, but the idea resulted in many roads that were unsuitable for the inclusion of a cycle lane, such as city centre ring roads, being marked up. Roads that were once two lane dual carriageways have, in places, now been reduced to single lane and cycle lane, causing traffic gridlock in places, with not a cyclist in sight!

Nicholas said...

I think the bikes are great too. There is a stand right by Paddington Basin so we were able to use them when we stopped overnight in the basin a couple of weeks ago. Really useful! Nick

Skippy said...

The cycling provisions in london leave a lot to be desired; they look good until your try to use them in any joined up way; when you relise they are substandard; and ignored by all other road users; including busses and lorries