Friday, 1 July 2011


A local walk took me to the suburb of Devonport.  An interesting thought immediately came to my mind.  I was in the County of Devon and there was probably a port nearby.  Actually I wasn’t too far from the Devonport Dockyard.  One of the suburbs of Auckland, NZ is named Devonport and this is also where the RNZN dockyard is located.  Somehow I think this isn’t a coincidence!  Of course Tasmania has a Devonport on the north coast.

On my way down to the coast I came upon this interesting building.

Walking around the front I found it’s name and purpose etched in stone.

Devonport Municipal Science and Art Technical School

Walking further along I came you yet another church.  I could probably become tired of taking photo’s of churches, however I have noticed many of them a flying the flag of St George, or is it the flag of England?

Eventually I made it down to the harbour passing the headquarters of the Royal Marines in Plymouth.  I decided not to take a photo of the building as they may not have been pleased.  Arriving at the foreshore I discovered it looked very similar to the foreshore at Devonport NZ.

Yet another coincidence?

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