Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Boaties Frying Pan

Jan has purchased a “Boaties Frypan online from Neil at The Canal Shop Company.

As you can see, it’s square with a short handle.  The front edge is also bevelled to allow for easier removal of the contents.  Of course it ‘non stick’ coated.

She is aware space in the boat will be at a premium and didn’t want a long handled pan as Waiouru has a ‘walk through’ galley and she wanted to avoid the potential hazard of a long handle getting entangled in clothing.  A square shape might also allow more to be cooked.  I was particularly concerned the pan be able to hold the maximum number of piklets.Smile

The short handle is heat resistant silicon coated, however we think an oven mitt will probably still be required.


Bruce in Sanity said...

OK, I'll buy: what strange Aussie comestible is a piklet?

ISTR pikelet is an alternative name for what we call crumpets.



Tom and Jan said...

Well in NZ they are called piklets, but Jan tells me you might know them as a "drop scone"?

Anyway, I'm addicted to them!