Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Warm Summer Day

Taking advantage of the weather I took a brisk walk around the neighbourhood yesterday.  Blue skies and a temperature around 24 degrees meant I wasn’t troubled by either the heat or cold.  The walk covered approximately 16 kilometres and was just sufficient to get a general idea of the area.

GPS Trail

There were no serious hill to climb however I did find Central Park in the north quite interesting.  In one of the car parks adjacent to the Argyle Football Stadium a flea market was in full swing.

Above is a view looking south east towards the city from the park.  Centre left is the tower of the GuildHall and centre right are the column from the RN Memorial and the lighthouse which are both located on the Hoe.

Another view from the lower slopes of Central Park looking south to the harbour.

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silver horde said...

If you have a GPS you might enjoy geocaching. Careful it's addicting!