Thursday, 2 June 2011


The journey back down to Sydney was rather uneventful.  I think mum might have been pleased to see us and wanted to do some shopping.  This is a photo of her conventional suburban Sydney home. 

Mum is really up with technology and somewhat of a computer “nerd”.  She wanted to shopping for a notebook.  Like us; she is careful with her money which meant we did some price matching before purchasing a Samsung notebook in Parramatta.

Jan doesn’t like her photo being taken

Once we returned home I needed to get her wireless network router re-configured.  None of us knew the router network password as our youngest son had set it up some weeks earlier and couldn’t remember the password.  Eventually I reset and re-configured the router before connecting mum’s new notebook.  This will be good practice for our own wireless network on Waiouru. 

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