Thursday, 9 June 2011

Stoke on Trent

We should have avoided Stoke on Trent.  But only because it’s another place near the canal!  However Jan (correctly) believes we can save some money if she makes her own yogurt.  To do this she needs a yogurt maker, hence the trip to Stoke on Trent.

The main shopping mall in Stoke on Trent is “The Potteries”.  I think we walked all of it!  No yogurt maker.  Jan was also looking for a haberdasher because she wanted a cord for her new slacks.  When she purchased then she though they came with a cord only to subsequently discovered the existing cords were false.  As a consequence her slacks were being subjected to gravity. Smile She was starting to despair when we found the basement floor of the “Potteries” full of small specialist stalls.  She is now pleased whilst I’m disappointed!

We eventually found an Easi Yo yogurt maker in a Julian Graves shop.  Jan was especially delighted as it was reduced in price and pink!  The Easi Yo she left behind in Oz was white.  The shop also had the sachets of yogurt powder so Jan purchased six sachets (different flavours).  This will last us six weeks.  However Jan has a method that doubles the capacity of the sachet which she will start using once we are more settled.  I’ve now looked at the Julian Graves website and identified all their shop locations close to canals and entered them into the gps.


Anonymous said...

Like you we're big fans of Julian Graves. The other good source of sachets for EasiYo is Lakeland Plastics, a fun shop full of things you didn't know that you really, really wanted for your galley.

Please can we have the secret of making the sachets go further?

nb Sanity Again

Tom and Jan said...

We found out about Lakeland late yesterday and I added the store locations to the gps today. Jan is already salivating at the thought of actually visiting one!

floating mobile phone said...

Oh I miss the canal, my offices use to be on the dock at Nantwich marina in cheshire, I miss all the goings on and the colourful characters that it offered.

...but seriously, you went all the way to Stoke and took a picture of the Potteries? - I sure there are nicer picture of stoke to take?

Floating Mobile Phone

Tom and Jan said...

Well we went to Stoke because it was the nearest large city and Jan needed some urgent clothing. There simply wasn't the opportunity to wander too far from the shops.

We have promised ourselves we will explore Stoke on Trent when we are on the cut.