Thursday, 16 June 2011


Today we had a look around Solihull.  It is located in the south east corner of Birmingham and we chose to go there for a couple of reasons. The first is we thought it’s somewhere we probably wouldn’t visit whilst on the cut.  Actually we thought it was far from a canal (got that wrong!)  The second reason is Sheila Napier (nb Sanity) had infomed us the Lakeland chain of stores sold EasiYo yogurt sachets and Jan wanted to have a look. 

Felicity (the gps unit) decided to take us via the scenic route which made it interesting and further enhanced my appreciation for the courtesy of UK drivers.  Poor Felicity either tells us to turn too early or too late Smile

Eventually we arrived in Solihull and found a car parking building.  Having a small car makes it easy to park but black is obviously the colour of choice.  Our little black Hyundai appears to take considerable delight hiding with her black cousins!

For some reason Jan must have Doctor Who on her mind because she wanted to go to the “Torchwood Centre”.  Actually we stumbled across the “Touchwood Centre” Smile  It’s a reasonable size mall and Jan started to have doubts whether there was a Lakeland store in the centre or perhaps just somewhere in Solihull.  I spotted the information centre and dragged a reluctant Jan with me.  She stood gazing around whilst I carefully examined the centre floor plan.  “There is a Lakeland in the Centre” I said peering at the plan.  “Yes”; said Jan “It’s over there!”  Pointing at the store.  My girl’s eyes were ablaze with interest as we trolled the isles.  I constantly remind myself how good I am allowing her to window shop……. but there must be no purchasing! 

As we exited the Touchwood Centre this building caught my eye

I imagine the average person in the UK passes this type of building without a glance.  However I find them fascinating.  There doesn’t appear to be a straight line in it.  I wonder if it is actually old or has just been built to look old.

The day actually started our sunny but cold, however by midday it had warmed and people were out enjoying themselves.

Jan also wanted to do some knitting and whilst she had purchased a pair of bamboo knitting needles in Stoke on Trent she had yet to purchase wool.  She hadn’t realised it might prove difficult to find knitting wool.  She had almost given up when we saw a notice in the front of the Solihull John Lewis store that there was a knitting demonstration that morning.  Well if there was a knitting demonstration it was logical they sold wool.  I now have a happy girl and type to the rhythmical click of needles!

Needless to say Felicity also botched the navigation going back to our Travelodge.  Tomorrow we head back to Rugby.

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Lesley NB Caxton said...

Your 'old building' is the real deal. I was always taught to look above the shop fronts as a child - Mum was a history teacher so there was no escaping an appreciation of our heritage!