Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Smelly Car

After spending a day in the London area having meetings we headed back to our accommodation in Rugby. 

On the way the car developed a strong smell of something very hot; a smell of baking.  My nose isn’t as good as Jan’s; she was the first to notice it and mentioned the car smelt of hot baked bread.

The thought of the car overheating or catching fire concerned me and I frantically started to scan the various gauges.  Modern cars don’t appear to have many gauges!  The smell got worse.  I was looking in the rear vision and side mirrors to see if there was any smoke – there wasn’t!  The water temperature gauge reading was normal.  OK; it was a rental car; bit I still felt obliged to do something.

Just as I was about to slow down, stop the car and check what had gone wrong, the smell changed!   And then the Nestl├ęs factory appeared.

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