Thursday, 9 June 2011


Today we wandered around Rugeley.  Part of the way through the day we realised this probably wasn’t a great idea as we will likely have numerous opportunities to visit the town when we are on Waiouru.  Made a mental note to remember that from now on we must plan to visit locations not easily accessible from canals.

Apparently we have been mis-pronouncing the name.  I’ve been saying “Rug” as in carpet Smile.  Whereas the locals say “Roog”.

It was the weekly market day and the stall holders were still setting up for a days trading.  Wandering around we found two largish supermarkets (Morrisons and Lidl) where we were able to stock up on supplies.  We will need to remember these as the canal passes through the town.  We also found the local laundrette, so we are back to being fresh and clean.   The manager at the Travelodge informed us Tesco were going to build a store down near the canal.

Tomorrow we are going to Stoke on Trent as Jan wants to look for a yogurt maker.


Northern Pride said...

Barry had similar challenges with Rugeley and 'Slough' was a classic example! Loughborough's a funny one too, apparantly the Ozzies there call it 'Loo-gah-baroo-gah' rather than 'luffbura' as it's pronounced by us Brits!

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for a yogurt maker I would strongly recommend looking at the Easi-Yo system. Makes one litre of natural yogurt and the only energy demand is boiling a kettle of water. We've used ours regularly for the last seven years.
All the best
nb Sanity Again

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Sheila,
We had an Easi-Yo before arriving in the UK and that's the system Jan was looking for. She found one in a Julian Graves shop along with the sachets. I've entered all the Julian Grave shop locations near canals into our gps. Have you learned how to double the capacity of the sachet? Jan does this!

Tom and Jan said...

I would have been caught by Slough but not Loughborough! Place names in Wales were a bit of a struggle!
The other problem I have is with the accents. I'm slightly deaf and some of the locals sound like they are speaking with a mouth full of marbles :-) Not a good combination. Fortunately I have Jan to translate.