Thursday, 30 June 2011

Parks and Houses

This is the park in the gully behind our house.  It’s a reasonable size and appears well patronised.  Actually I suppose it would be well used given everyone seems to live in rows of terraced houses with no front yard and very little room at the back.  Using our house as an example; at it's widest point; with my arms extended I can easily touch both the back wall of the house and the boundary wall.
On the high side of the park it is possible to see the more compressed terraced houses.
Four or five stories high on this side whereas the opposite side looks more exclusive.
However you will notice very few of these houses have a garage.  Obviously they were built before most people owned a car.
I’m starting to think the value of a home may be based on the priority:
1.  Garage parking
2.  Off street parking
3.  Parking available in the street
4.  No room for parking in the street
These houses appear to have garage parking although the lane is rather too narrow for me!
A nice group of houses

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Elly and Mick said...

This last photo looks like a row of ginger bread houses! Sweet.