Wednesday, 22 June 2011

It’s only a bargain if you need it!

Today we went to Braunston and walked around the marina.  We happened to notice two famous boats we have previously only seen on TV.  I just had to take a photo

After Braunston we drove north to the “Comet” store in Leicester to look at TV’s.  Why Leicester?  Well we had identified via the “Net” that they were the only shop in the area that stocked a TV which met our criteria.  We specifically wanted the following:

32” screen (any bigger would be too big for the boat)

LCD/LED back lit (low power consumption and excellent picture)


High Definition

SD card slot and USB port

Inbuilt FreeSat and Freeview Tuners (no additional power consumption for a separate set top box). 

I started our search in Australia and had identified the approximate price of a TV with these specifications would be between £800-1000.  However, FreeSat has subsequently lost popularity to FreeView and cable.  We believe we will need the FreeSat to take the signal from the Camos satellite dome on the roof of the boat.  Having both FreeSat and Freeview means we can use either the sat dome or a conventional terrestrial aerial if the “dot in the sky” is not available.

So this is the TV

A Panasonic Viera TX-L32E28.   It was the only one they had in the shop and had been reduced to £424.99.  Nothing is lost asking for a discount on display stock and they dropped the price by another £39.95.  They no longer had the box so we asked them to place a cardboard sheet either side and bundle it in bubble wrap.  I don’t understand why someone else hadn’t purchased it.  Beside it was the same TV without the FreeSat tuner and its price was £668????

Another item we can tick on our list of things to do!

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