Monday, 27 June 2011

Hard Copy

Whilst we have endeavoured to set ourselves up as paperless as possible it has proven to be impossible to totally eradicate the need to print documents.   Obviously room on the boat is a critical factor and so when looking for a printer the essential criteria was; small footprint; ease of storage; and price.

Whilst walking through the Plymouth CBD I noticed a wireless hp inkjet printer on special in the window of WH Smith.  At just under £40 I thought it was a bargain not to be missed. 

Whilst its’ footprint isn’t as small as we would like, the fact it has wireless connectivity means it will not have to be co-located with the laptop; but can be placed wherever we can find space; and can actually be shared by all our devices.

I had a slight struggle getting the printer wireless connectivity to recognise our local network.  I think this was more a problem with the Zoom router configuration rather than the printer.  Anyway, it now works!  We will be able to store the printer in some corner of the boat and on those rare occasions when we need to print something it can be placed in the nearest free space where we can wirelessly connect to it.  Well that’s the plan!  

Anyone who has purchased an inkjet printer will know that the ink cartridges supplied with the printer usually have very little ink in them.  My next step will be to work out how to refill this particular type of cartridge.


nbchance said...

Hi Tom

We have the 3050 at home as well, its a really good printer scanner, but it seems to work much better on original cartridges than filling your own or cheap imitation ones. Which I think is a common problem with HP. I know Tesco were doing new cartridges at £10 each a few months back as they were offering the printer at £29 as well, might be worth a look Glad you are getting settled in at Plymouth, hope all is going well for you.

Tom and Jan said...

I'll remember your comment about using original HP cartridges when the ink starts to run out. I don't think we will be going to Tesco as it's quite a long walk from our accommodation. However I will check the online price.