Monday, 13 June 2011

A Great Chance

We had a most enjoyable day with James and Doug on nb Chance their new 58ft boat which had been on show at Crick and they were now returning to the builder’s yard


I dropped Jan at Taylor’s lock on the Grand Union Canal and then drove to the end destination for the day’s journey at Kilby Bridge.  I then walked the towpath back to Jan before we then walked to the northern portal of the tunnel.  Our timing was rather good because Doug & James arrived shortly thereafter.  The first part of the journey was spent in the company of a hire boat crewed by and American couple and their daughter.  Interestingly, by coincidence the couple were also followers of nb Chance’s blog.

Jan spent much of the day inside Chance whilst I enjoyed my day working the locks.  James was very good at the tiller and I spent my spare time between locks watching his technique.  Hopefully this will assist me reduce the anticipated bangs and scrapes when we are on Waiouru.

Doug fed us a delicious lunch and even baked a Victoria Cake (I had two pieces)

I hadn’t realised how much sun I’d been exposed to until we returned to the Travelodge.  Now I have a bright red face and arms.  Hopefully everything will go brown rather than peeling.


nb Chance said...

Hi Tom and Jan, Like the pictures and thanks for your company. Also your sterling efforts at the locks were much appreciated!! Hope to catch up again soon. Doug and James

Northern Pride said...

It's so lovely sitting here in NZ reading about two (well four!) of our previous blog followers, who used to mail us about how envious they were when we were on board Northern Pride! Awesome!
Now we're the envious ones.
Enjoy the waterways, there's no finer life to be lived in our humble opinion.

Tom and Jan said...


Great day. Loved both the boating and the towpath walk!