Sunday, 5 June 2011

First Class

We arrived back at Hong Kong airport from Disneyland with plenty of time to spare.  Again we passed through security and a comment was made to me about the amount of electronic equipment we were carrying.  I think it took up about eight trays to go through the x-ray machine.  Eventually we found the Qantas Business Lounge and had a shower along with a change of clothes after a sticky day.  The First Class lounge didn’t open for another two hours so we waited in Business.  Eventually we moved to the First Lounge and I have to say it didn’t look much different to the Business Lounge.

hk air

Airport Arrival Hall

hk airport3

View from the First Class Lounge down into the departure gate area

The departure time was delayed, however we had no trouble boarding the aircraft as there was a separate lane for First Class passengers.  Six months ago I reserved our seats.  We were in the middle of the cabin side by side.  The seats in First are positioned so as to provide maximum privacy.  There was a partition between Jan and myself, however it had a window with a sliding louver screen.  Jan sat forward and looked at me through the screen.  The scene reminded me of a McDonalds drive though window and on impulse I said “Would you like fries with that madam?”  A small giggling fit followed!

We were given pyjamas embossed with a “First” logo and bed socks.  There was also a small bag containing toiletries although I noticed there wasn’t a razor.  Maybe this is a deliberate decision based on security concerns.  Two small tubes; one to stop your nasal passages from drying and the other perfume.  Better not mix them up!

I chose the lamb for dinner and it was the best lamb I’ve ever eaten.  I think Jan had the chicken.  Obviously terrorist aren’t expected to travel in First Class as all the cutlery was steel; including the knife.  As it was now after midnight I decided to forgo the inflight entertainment and get some sleep.  Whilst I changed into my pyjamas (400 thread Egyptian cotton) the cabin crew converted my seat to a bed along with a quilt mattress and a duvet.  Each seat has a wardrobe for your clothes.  I managed a good 6 hours heavy sleep waking two hours before our scheduled arrival into Heathrow.

Breakfast was also delicious.  I had the muesli and toast.  Jan woke and was offered a cup of tea.  It came in a small china teapot and tiny jug of milk.  Meals were actually “on demand”.  I should also mention the size of the entertainment screen.  It looked about 22”.  We didn’t drink anything other than water and tea.  Jan always does this when flying and I avoided the alcohol because I was going to be driving when we reached the UK.

I changed out of my pyjamas into my day clothes and carefully packed the pyjamas and socks into my cabin bag.  They will be handy in winter on the canal.  The toiletries bag will also be useful for small items that need a home.

The only significant disadvantage with travelling First Class is……….. Jan has decided that she now couldn’t travel any other class!


Bruce in Sanity said...

Welcome to the UK! I've really enjoyed reading the blog over the last few weeks, especially the pix of Oz.

Any news of the boat, or is that a painful question?


Any road up, if you need any help[ or advice, you know where to come.

All the best


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the welcome. I can't believe it..... we are now both sunburnt!

Paul said...


Hope to catch you somewhere, sometime as we pop around the system, mainly midlands canals for us

Tom and Jan said...

Thanks Paul,

I'm sure we will meet somewhere, sometime.

Tom and Jan said...

Thanks Paul,

I'm sure we will meet somewhere, sometime.

Adam said...

Just catching up, as I'm a bit behind. From the description, it sounds as though you had BA's New First cabin, which is a big step up from the old one.

Tom and Jan said...

Hello Adam,
Good to hear from you.

I'm not sure whether it was new or old.... but it was good. We will likely never do it again. Back to "cattle class" for us in future!

I must post a couple of photo's of the BA First PJ's.