Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dunelm Mill

Today we made a second visit to Dunelm Mill.  Not the same shop, and certainly not the same shopping list.

Jan was after a wool fleece topper pad for the bed; more hand towels, kitchen utensils and a 5 litres pail for her bread making.  She was successful in purchasing everything except the pail. It is proving somewhat difficult to buy a 5 litre pail with a sealed top.  Wickes, next door, had 5 litre pails of paint and I suggested we purchase the paint just to get the container.  Apparently this wasn’t an acceptable solution!

I think the walk was just under a mile each way and this time it stayed dry. 

After arriving home Jan did some serious Amazon surfing.  The pail is available at £2.90 and the postage was [only] a further £2.90.  I’m sure we could use 5 litres of paint somewhere! Smile

In the afternoon I finished cleaning the oven, only to find it has a short to earth which trips the circuit breaker when you turn it on.  I would have done better to check the oven worked before enthusiastically launching myself into cleaning it over the last three days.Smile

Two men separately call on Jan at the house today.  Initially I was suspicious, but then I realised they were delivering her presents from Amazon, courtesy of gift vouchers from both sons. 


Peter and Margaret said...

The place I would look for a pail (bucket) with a sealed lid, is Mothercare, a high street store for young mothers and parents. These are used, much less these days, for storing and dealing with soiled terry towelling nappies, (diapers). (The oven will require a new element - not particularly difficult to do DIY. Google will provide a cheap source if you have make and model number.

Tom and Jan said...

Mothercare seems a good suggestion; provided the pails are not "pre-loved" :-)

Whilst I offered to repair the oven it was under extended warranty and repaired by an engineer. In my day they were appliance repairmen!