Sunday, 5 June 2011

Disneyland Hong Kong

We spent our last day in Hong Kong at Disneyland which is on an outer island close to the airport.  As we were leaving Hong Kong that night the cheapest way of getting to Disneyland was to take the Airport Express train to the airport and then a taxi to Disneyland.  The Taxi cost HK$120 each way.

Although the sky was cloudy, somehow the rays of the sun burned through and we both started to feel we were in need of a hat.  The humidity was also very high and we started to perspire.  The strategy we adopted was to alternate between looking at the attractions and then when we could no longer take the heat, go into the air conditioned shops and cool down.

Around midday there was the usual Disneyland parade.  Doesn’t matter which Disneyland park you go to they basically have the same agenda and layout.

Some of the floats were particularly impressive.

Had to get a photo of the castle.  Having written that; I suppose we will see plenty of them in the UK!

The heat eventually became to much for us and we headed back to the comfort of the airport.

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