Wednesday, 29 June 2011


We have discovered there is a park located in the gulley on the opposite side of our hill.  At one end is the rail line going to the south west.  The rail bridge crosses the gulley passing directly between the rows of terraced houses either side.  It’s quite a busy line so I assume the occupants of the adjacent houses have become used to the vibration and noise.

Can you see the small arches in the base of each of the large arches.  Most interesting!

Here is a better view

The arch over the road has a double curve which must have made it particularly interesting for the stone and brick layers

Behind this bridge are the piers of a second; now defunct; bridge.

Interestingly, these piers looked newer that those forming the adjacent rail bridge.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some famous TV personalities reside in the general area.  Corporal Jones of “Dad’s Army” is one possibility.

Whilst the nemesis of “Mr Bean” may live near here!


Meanwhile “Oliver”; the runaway oven who had collapsed exhausted opposite our house; was mugged of two knobs yesterday and then during the night had his face kicked in by some of the local yobs!  At midday a van arrived to collect him.  Initially I thought he might be off to the oven hospital but then I saw “recycle” on the side of the van.  Oliver went to the crematorium!


Bruce in Sanity said...


The trick of building brick skew bridges was developed by the canal engineers, of course. The way of laying the bricks is called "winding courses"

All the best


Tom and Jan said...

Well the "winding courses" down the centreline of this bridge have a rather large crack in them.

I guess we have to trust the railway structural engineers!