Thursday, 2 June 2011

Always nice when someone cooks your dinner

Jan, mum and I all went into the the city to have dinner with our youngest son.  His flat is very central in Sydney which enables him to cycle to work. 

We had anticipated going out to a restaurant, however we were surprised when Daniel informed us he had cooked the evening meal.  Cooking is obviously a trait he and his brother inherited from their mother.  For my part; I can burn water!  The evening meal was very interesting.  He had roasted the potato’s in some special way and they had what I thought were burned stalks of grass on top.  Jan later informed me it was Rosemary.  Doesn’t matter; it tasted great.  The pumpkin was also interesting but the best part of the meal was the steamed pudding.  It was his first attempted at making a steamed pudding and it’s my favourite.  I was raised on steamed puddings.  During my childhood my mum could consistently produce a soggy failure and we kids would squabble over the remains for breakfast.  I guess I get my culinary skills from my mum.

That’s a large steamed pudding…. And I got to take the remainder home for breakfast

The is a position no self respecting male should get caught in!

Notice how there is no facial evidence in the following photo!

I am NOT doing the dishes!  Rather; I am using my management expertise to check the cleanliness of the sink.  Hygiene is very important!

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