Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tooleybuc and the Hay Plains

The Mallee Highway ends near the State border between Victoria and New South Wales.  There is an interesting bridge across the Murray River at Tooleybuc.  Timber deck and the centre section can be raised.  I assume this is to allow river boats to pass.

On the far side is the town which mostly consists of the hotel

After a brief stop we headed north towards Balranald and then across the Hay Plains.  This consist of 150km of… well…. mostly nothing!  At the western end there is low scrub but as you head further towards the centre it starts to look very bare.


Just a vast flat plain.  After a boring couple of hours we noticed smoke on the horizon.  It looked like a wild fire however were we unable to confirm this as the road slowly took us around the area.  We refuelled the car at the town of Hay and allowed the dog to stretch her legs.  Then it was back into the car for another 3 hour drive to Wagga Wagga arriving as the sun went down.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you - those scenery pics remind me of my trip to Uluru, and then Kakadu and Katharine Parks. The journey along those featureless roads was made worthwhile by the wonders we ofund at out various destinations.