Sunday, 15 May 2011

The surf was up

This is South Wall beach which can be found on the southern end of Coffs Harbour.  Apparently it’s another dog beach however the wind and surf were up on the day we visited.  The waves are coming all the way from South America and the local surfers were making the most of it.

It might look cold but it was actually a warm day.  Oh, and there were surfers as the next photo shows

Can you see them?  There were four!  Wouldn’t catch me doing that.  The oceans around Australia are full of hungry Great White Sharks!


Paul and Elaine said...

Big surf all up the East Coast today
Sunday 15th May
Paul in Sydney

Tom and Jan said...


I've seen photo's of the sharks in the surf. I can just imagine the sharks saying "Surfers.... love them"...