Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A Long Day

Our container of furniture and household effects arrived in the afternoon.  It was a 7 hour journey from Sydney for the truck driver and his assistant.  What surprised me was they intended to unload the container on the back of the truck into our container and then drive back to Sydney that same day.

I started by watching them and then felt I had to start helping or else they were going to have a very long day.

Almost immediately we came across the first damaged item.  Jan’s electronic piano had been smashed off it’s base.  I think what happened is the heavy safe was placed beside the piano and the rocking motion of the train allowed the safe to slide repeatedly against the legs of the piano breaking the joints.

Jan plugged in the piano and we were able to confirm it worked.  However we have yet to check the pedals on the base.

The other item damaged was the glass in a large batik picture we purchased in Malaysia.  Of course there may be more damage but there was little point in attempting to unpack every box as the items were transhipped from one container to the other in the dark.

I’m now rather exhausted and I have yet to prepare the container for the time we are away in the UK.  Somehow I think tomorrow is another big day!

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