Friday, 20 May 2011

Local Walk

We took the dogs for a walk in the morning.  A  3.6km gentle stroll down the local road to the fire station and back.  The lovely green lawn to the left of the fire station is not a golf course.  It’s actually the local cemetery so I guess that means we were in the dead centre of Karangi!  The major difference I’ve noticed between the land around here and that in Adelaide is the colour.  Everything here is green!  I suppose if you live in the driest State on the driest inhabited continent on Earth for 16+ years you get used to the country being various shades of brown.

The grass actually seemed to be growing before our eyes and the hills were well forested.

If we do another walk I must remember to take a photo’s of the local wallabies basking in the morning sun.  Steve told us as story about a recent local Country Fire Service (CFS) safety briefing where someone mentioned the height of the grass on a particular neighbours property (the neighbour wasn’t present).  The CFS representative said “you mean where the ‘rednecks’ are!”

  This caused an embarrassing silence until the CFS representative realised they thought he was referring to the neighbour.  He then clarified his comment by saying “You know….. where the Redneck Wallabies graze!”  Nervous laughter then followed.

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