Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Life Suddenly Became Smaller

Whilst we have moved many times during our married life I think this last move has been the hardest.  Probably for two reasons.  The first being the amount of time we had spent in Adelaide.  Almost 17 years to accumulate “stuff”!  When we were moving every 18-24 months we didn’t get much of an opportunity to acquire “stuff” and were forced to be ruthless with those items we wanted to discard.  The second reason is age.  How the years have crept up on us.  Neither of us now seem to have the same energy level.  As a consequence this latest house pack was hard.

“Harry” from the removalist appeared on the first day.  He was 75 and not in the best of health.  However he stuck at it all day shaming us with his effort.  He packed over 80 cartons of various sizes.  At the end of the day we were surrounded by boxes.

The house was starting to look very empty.  We were informed there would be three packers on the second day and they would have the task of carrying everything from the house up the driveway and packing the container.  In the end only two arrived and they were late.  What a long day!  Whilst they struggled with the boxes and furniture we attempted to clean the house around them.  By the time everything was completed it was dark and we were exhausted.  Just time for a shower, evening meal and then to bed.  Ahead of us was the long drive to Karangi, NSW

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