Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Journey

We spent our last night in Adelaide being accommodated by our good friends Trevor and Carolanne.  Trevor made the comment “I helped you move into this house and now I’ve helped you move out!”  We were up before 6.00am and I did some final re-arranging of our possessions in the rental car.  Every last small space had something squeezed into it.  Carolanne cooked us a breakfast with the idea of providing us with some energy for the road.  By 7.30 we were on our way.  Ahead of us was a journey roughly equivalent driving from Stafford to Rome.  The plan was to stop for a rest break every 2 hours.  This would also give Bella (our miniature daschund) the opportunity for a toilet stop. 

The first stop was just beyond the town of Lamaroo.  By then we were on the Mallee Highway in the heart of the wheat belt.

These “scrubby” looking trees are very drought resistant and exceptionally hardy.  When cut for firewood they will burn for hours.  Unfortunately they don’t have many other uses.  The entire countryside was covered in them before the Europeans arrived and settled the area.  It must have been exceptionally hard work clearing the land.

We stayed on the Mallee Highway across South Australia and Victoria before arriving at the New South Wales border after a drive of approximately six hours.

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