Thursday, 12 May 2011

Happy Birthday

The big day arrived and Jan was taken out for dinner.  I was born with a genetic disorder (short arms and deep pockets) and successfully avoided paying for the meal.  Thanks Steve and Myles!   I can’t tell you Jan’s age, however she can now applied for her seniors card!  As you can see she doesn’t like having her photo taken.

The following day we made a trip into Coffs Harbour heading down to the harbour.  There were camel rides available on the foreshore.   I elected not to treat myself on this occasion.  I probably won’t on the next occasion either!  Interestingly the camels and their Afghani handlers were brought into Australia during the 19th century to provide a means of transporting supplies through the Red Centre.  Some escaped and there are now hundreds of thousands of them running feral and wild.  Whilst Australia hasn’t imported any more camels the same can’t be said for the Afghani’s.

Sunday is market day in Coffs Harbour.  Whilst it’s only a small place there are actually three separate markets.

Market at the beach above and another in the main city parking building below

I notice this is a great photo of parked cars with a glimpse of a parking building in the background.  Nothing in the photo to indicate there is a market in progress.  I shall have to do better!

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