Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Goodbye Karangi

Today was the last day with our eldest son and life on the farm.  The sheep still hadn’t given birth!  Steve and I spent the day sorting out the garage.  We constructed racks on the garage walls which enabled us to hang most of the garden tools out of the way.  The garage now looks tidier.

Meanwhile Jan packed our possessions in the cottage.  Steve has a “couch-surfer” arriving very soon and we assume she/he will be accommodated in the cottage.  It’s a lovely little building and complements to farm; wallabies on the lawn and koala’s in the trees.


Paul and Elaine said...

Nice Jag..1977 XJ6 ?

Tom and Jan said...

Unfortunately I only assisted in the washing of it so I couldn't tell you the model and year :-)

However I understand it has won a few awards for its condition.

Steve Jones said...

You are indeed correct Paul and Elaine. It is in original condition - including the leaking oil

Paul and Elaine said...

I had a red one quite a few years ago, how quickly those twin tanks drained!
Lovely car to drive though.