Thursday, 19 May 2011

Container Completed

Well after quite some time I have finally been able to complete the work on our storage container.  Obviously we purchased a used container.  Actually it was beyond the end of it’s marine life.  However the important thing was the doors sealed, the floor was sound and there were no holes.  The roof looked rather battered which meant water would pond on top.  I could tell this had already happened by the amount of rust.

My initial idea was to “pop” the roof back into place by jacking it up from the inside using a timber strut.  However our furniture arrived before I could complete this.  So I have spent several days scraping the heavy rust off the roof and then using a wire brush to clean the surface rust off.  Next I painted on a rust kill compound followed by a metal primer and then top coat.  The top coat colour is white with the idea it would be more reflective.  If the container is allowed to suffer extremes in temperature the moisture content will rise and our effects will deteriorate.  Then I decided to add a extractor vent  Cutting the hole in the roof proved to be an interesting task and I was surprised to find the thickness of the steel was 5mm.  

Finally I constructed a ridge frame and fixed a tarpaulin over the top carefully cutting a hole for the vent.  With a little assistance from above all our possessions should be secure for the next five years.

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