Monday, 23 May 2011

Clearing the Scrub off the Dam

The farm straddles a gulley in which four dams have been built.  The previous owner had allowed the property to get very run-down and as a consequence there is a large amount of scrub that needs to be cleared.

Today Steve and I decided to clear all the scrub and overgrown grass off the top of the second dam.  The mower doesn’t have enough traction and clogs on the long grass.  Our plan was to use the brush cutter to cut down all the “lilly-pilly” (scrub) and then use the “whipper-snipper” (strimmer) to knock down the grass.  We would then use the mattock to dig out all the stumps.  The hope was this would then provide sufficient traction for the ride-on mower to produce a finished surface.

Using the mower to clear an area at the far side of the dam.

All the scrub across the top of the dam has now been cleared and a final clean up of the area with the rake is taking place.

The finished product.  Only two more dams to complete!

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