Saturday, 2 April 2011

More Cars and Travel

Well Bert left home yesterday and Jack looks like he will be leaving towards the end of the month.  It’s been many years since we were last “car less”.

We’ve already started to plan how we are going to catch up with our possessions which the removalist will be taking to Karangi in New South Wales (NSW).  Karangi is inland from Coffs Harbour on the NSW mid-north coast about two thirds the way towards Brisbane.

The quickest way would be for us to fly.  However, given the volume of luggage we will have left after the packers have departed, this probably isn’t economically practical.

By train; you’ve got to be joking!  Not only would it cost a fortune, but IF we arrived it would be weeks after we departed.  Any distant rail passenger travel in Australia is only undertaken by tourists.

We will hire a car.  I’d prefer it was a petrol hybrid or ran on LPG, however they appear to be difficult to hire for a long one-way journey.  Adelaide to Sydney is a trip we have made on a number of previous occasions so we are familiar with the route. 

The route planner advises the journey is 1926 kilometres and will take approximately 22 hours.  A three day trip!  One night somewhere on the central-south plains of NSW; a night with mum in Sydney; and then a short six hour drive on the final day! 

The removalists container will go via Melbourne on the train and take a week.  This should give us time to prepare the container we have purchased in Coffs Harbour.  This should then enable the removalists to transfer everything from their container to ours.

Now I have to go and look a the car rental websites for a car and price that meets our requirements.

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