Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Valley News

We’ve placed a link to “The Valley News” on our blog list.

Our eldest son has given up his executive management position and life in the Sydney CBD for a 10 hectare farmlet on the northern NSW coast near Coffs Harbour.

His blog humorously relays the successes and failures of a city boy living off the land.  First arrivals were the goats, ‘Rogan’, ‘Josh’, ‘Vinda’, and ‘Loo’.  Next came the sheep, ‘Chop’, ‘Leg’ and ‘Cutlet’.  Whilst ‘Vera’ the green tree snake isn’t much of a concern I wouldn’t want to meet the 9ft python who decided to bed down on the sundeck one evening.  But I must let him tell the story of life on the farm.


GO-FOR-IT said...

hi we have just started out on the cut and we have a blog for others to follow to see what and where we are doing we would like you to join us and follow us
many thanks
colin and tina ( nb go for it )

Tom and Jan said...

Best of luck Colin & Tina. We will follow your blog with interest