Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Well it looks as if we will be homeless when we arrive in the UK at the end of May. Our thoughts now turn to what we can do about the situation. From our initial research I suspect finding a furnished flat or bedsit for 2-3 months is going to be problematic. Most agents want at least 6 months.

Static caravan parks look horrendously expensive. Probably because it will be high season and they predominantly cater for weekly holidaymakers. We would prefer to be near public transport. I’ve thought to hire a private canal boat or caravan. That might also prove difficult being summer.

One of our friends suggested “house sitting”. I looked at the requirements and a police check is required. That might prove a problem for Jan <just joking!>.

I think I’ll head to the canal forums to see if there is any information there.

Meantime, if any of our UK readers have suggestions please send us an email.

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