Thursday, 24 March 2011

Pear Shaped

As the years go by gravity has slowly had an effect on my shape.  I started my working life shaped like a triangle with the pointy end downwards.  These days I’m shaped more like a diamond.  Waiouru seems to have been born this way!

When talking with Ben last night he mentioned Waiouru was not a Wilson Tyler  “Birmingham Square”.  My understanding of this is Tim Tyler builds boats on a slightly wider base plate with vertical sides to the gunwale line.  Both Ben and I had assumed this is what would happen with Waiouru and Ben had manufactured the joinery accordingly.  However when Ben started to install the joinery it wouldn’t fit.  He then realised the sides weren’t square to the base plate.

You can see what I mean in the above photo.  The sides of Waiouru actually lean outwards from the base plate to the gunwale and lean back in above the gunwale.  Tim explained to Ben he had built Waiouru this way as he had been unable to purchase the thicker 20mm base plate in the usual width.  If we had specified a conventional 10mm base plate then this wouldn’t have occurred.  Ben calculates we have probably lost a total of eight inches from the interior of the boat at the base plate line. 

Whilst I’m not anticipating it will have much of an impact on our ability to move around the boat, I do wonder whether this will have an adverse effect on the ability to fit some of the major appliances, such as the fridge, freezer and washing machine.

So Waiouru is shaped a little like me.  Only I can diet!


nb chance said...

Hi Tom
Are you sure its as much as 8"!! That's a lot of space in a narrow boat! It would make your walkways and doors extremely narrow. Perhaps you can reduce the width of the furniture, do look into the shorter depth washing machines they are only 40cm deep instead of around 60cm, this would help I guess.

Tom and Jan said...

My guess is 4" each side is about right. In the above photo you can see the vertical edge on the end cupboard extends from the inside of the gunwale to the corner of the floor. My guess is the gunwale is about 4" wide.