Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Order Placed

Well we have made the decision and placed an order for a Gpad Gforce Tablet from Pandawill <clicky>.

I produced a comparable specifications spreadsheet and analytically worked my way through the selection process.  Initially, I was tempted by the Flytouch 3 ($100 cheaper) before I realised it had a resistive rather than a capacitive screen.  The latter has multi-touch functionality.  I was then almost tempted by the Herotab M10 which has the 3G functionality but no camera.  What won me over was the advice from Pandawill that the manufacturers of the Gpad had updated the firmware, fixing the bugs, and had also added the ability to tether a 3G modem to the tablet.  This means the Gpad has almost the same specifications as the new iPad2 at about a third of the price.  Moreover, the operating system (Google Android 2.2) appears to provide greater flexibility.

Oh, and we also purchased a case with integral usb keyboard.  Now we must what for DHL to complete the delivery

I’m somewhat bemused that after this exhaustive process we have concluded by purchasing the same model tablet as our youngest son.  He must be intuitive whilst I’m analytical!

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