Friday, 4 March 2011

Moving Again!


In 39 years of marriage we have lived in 18 homes.  However, for the last 17 years it has been this house.  So when the last of the removal representatives arrived today and asked if we had previously moved home we could assure him we had a little experience!  One of the benefits in moving every 18 months was you didn’t get much opportunity to acquire “stuff”!. 

Today was a day when we ruthlessly disposed of some of the “stuff” we had previously identified as not being “essential” or had too much bulk to warrant paying for movement and storage.  The St Vincent De Paul truck duly arrived and was filled.  I think the two collectors were somewhat surprised by the amount of furniture we gave them.  Their truck was full which resulted in an unplanned journey back to their depot before they could continue with their collecting.  We are going the need to get used to living in a very small boat so might as well start the learning process now.

St Vincent De Paul declined to accept Jan’s electrically operated recliner lounge chair.  Probably not surprising as most charities will not take electrical goods due to the potential legal liability should there be a defect and injury.  It is too good to take to the dump so we will look to find it a new home.

The next task is to prepare our household inventory which will enable us to calculate the insurance premium for the move.  We will then be able to reach a decision on which of the removalist quotations to accept.

We’re slowly getting there!


Steve Jones said...

feeling old - 17 YEARS!?

Tom and Jan said...

Son, I'm not surprised, seeing you now describe yourself as a mid 30's executive who has left the 'rat race' :-)